New Nintendo 3DS Makes Triumphant Return

New Nintendo 3DS Makes Triumphant Return

October 26, 2014 0 By Enzo Knight

NintendoWhile the rest of the world was busy posting pictures on Facebook, apparently praising meaningless event gatherings, Nintendo decided it’s time to update their existing portable gaming model into what was announced as the New Nintendo 3DS device.

Now hardcore gamers will get even more additions to be happy about, and the upcoming 3DS is solely aimed at a demographic that demands more than the usual gamer can think of.

The 3DS released on October 11 in Japan, and here’s a list of some of the updates: a second analog joystick is added – thus improving the user camera control experience, additional two buttons on the back of the device find place there, also the camera and 3-D screen have been upgraded and more.

What’s more spicy, Nintendo’s mobile ‘beast’ has seen some improvements under the hood as well: better graphics and faster internet patiently await the user, with Nintendo keeping secrets as what exactly was changed in the hardware configuration of the 3DS. It will also play some exclusive games that are not and wouldn’t be available for the existing 3DS gaming model.

Xenoblade Chronicles will be one of these ‘exclusives’, with it having 40 hours of content worth.

Also, the New Nintendo 3DS will come in two variants: a regular 3DS (similar to the existing one) and a bigger 3DS XL model, with them costing $160 and $180 respectively.