Motorcycle Crew Shuts Down Freeway for Marriage Proposal

Motorcycle Crew Shuts Down Freeway for Marriage Proposal

February 1, 2013 0 By Rodney Burrell

Motorcycle Proposal Knuckle dRagger MagazineA California motorcycle crew staged an elaborate marriage proposal for one of their members, when 700 + bikers rolled to a stop on the FWY10 in West Covina, California, surrounded the couple and waited until Hector ‘Tank’ Martinez popped the question to his unsuspecting girlfriend. Before Martinez proposed, he threw his girlfriend off the bike and did a romantic burnout with a pink tire…Pink tire, pink smoke. Butterflies and Rainbows. Nothing more romantic than a mouthful of tire smoke before your boyfriend asks you to be with him forever.

She said yes, or it would have been one of the most elaborate fails of all time. Every one did a fist pump and wheelies of joy as the crew exited the freeway.

The more interesting side to the story is local police are investigating pressing felony charges against Martinez for shutting down the freeway. Yeah, I could see that being an issue. Thankfully all the cars stopped or that woulda been a little awkward.

YouTube and Facebook have incriminated more people than private investigators and the district attorney combined. The internet will be the end of civilization as we know it.