Mariah Carey is Officially Steaming Hot in Her Latest Video

Mariah Carey is Officially Steaming Hot in Her Latest Video

June 23, 2013 0 By Rodney Burrell

Mariah Carey Knuckle DRagger MagazineMariah Carey, the queen of the mic, (and weird activity in general) recently teamed up with the head-smashing, yet very talented r&b singer Miguel for a expletive-filled love song called “Beautiful”. It starts off with an inviting guitar melody, hauntingly vague enough to suck you into the first lyrics.

Overall, the song is a winner. It has great melodies, and with all of the eff bombs, it brought me back to the days of Amy Winehouse. Oh how I miss her singing, “what kind of fuckery is this”.

Anyway, onto the crux of this story, Mariah Carey’s role as a complete bombshell in the video as she dances in a nightgown and her undies. Now, I know what you’re thinking, night gowns are reserved for women who shop at Sears and own multiple cats with accompanying outfits, but you’ll just have to watch the video to feel quite the opposite.

It’s the sexiest I’ve every seen Carey, she actually made me think, “Hot Damn, Nick Cannon is a lucky son of a bitch”. Before, it was kinda like, this bitch is crazy. h luck brotha, there’s always Katy Perry. It still is kinda, but at least she’s puttin in work…And even after she had a couple of kids.

As Ed Lover so eloquently stated, Come on Son.