Madden ’13, Jock Strap Not Included.

August 19, 2012 0 By AbbieJanzef

ImageSet to be released the 28th of this month, Madden ’13 is getting football fans and gamers equally psyched. Looking back to 2011 Madden, there were a lot of upgraded featured. Even though ’11 was pretty outstanding, ’12 seemed to lack a little.
However, I don’t think we can expect the same minor disappointments from ’13 as we did from ’12. This year there are major differences the essentials like tackling and passing. Which really brings a lot to the table, and makes the simulated experience of football much more realistic. Along with making the game much more enjoyable during play. (Even though beating your friends into a pulp in a game of madden is always satisfying, no matter what version of the game it is .)
Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions will be the cover athlete this year. Even though I’m not a big Lions fan, I can say that I think he’s a great pick for the cover being what a talented player he is. Madden ’13 will be available for xbox 360, PS3, PSVISTA, and Wii. If you can’t wait a little over a week to secure your game, you can still preorder, (prices vary depending on gaming system) and you may want to request a few days off work so you can let madden ’13 and all its glory fully engulf you.