Lucy Pinder

Lucy Pinder

December 4, 2012 0 By Rodney Burrell
Lucy Pinder Cooks us some Turkey. Now that's worth putting on the Food Network

Bangers and Mash anyone?

Lucy Pinder is and English glamour model and actress that currently lives in the UK. Pinder writes an advice column in “Nuts”, called ” The Truth About Women” as well as a column on “”, a website dedicated to getting people across the pond laid in not time.

It’s not trashy since they say things like cheerio and rubbish.

Pinder has been appearing on oddball television shows since 2004 and was also contestant on “Big Brother UK”, in which she was the first one voted off, and said that she wasn’t a fan of fat people, or as she said, “thick”.

Obviously a language barrier there, because I don’t think you can consider a 32G bra size not thick.

That’s why we love the English and their sarcastically perky way of life.

Don’ worry, behind all those boobs is a heart as Pinder supports a charity called Kicks 4  Life, an organization that helps fight poverty and disease in various parts of the world.