Lingerie Football League Rebrands and Relaunches this Spring

January 11, 2013 0 By Rodney Burrell

Legends Football League rebranding Knuckle Dragger MagazineThe Lingerie Football League (LFL) recently announced their effort to rebrand the kinky league that is known more for nip slips than touchdown passes. The new moniker will be Legends Football League. Uniforms are now called performance wear and are without garter belts, chokers and lace.

Even with the revisions, the uniforms still echo the same message, T&A, just not as overtly. The shoulder pads have been redesigned for more protection, but a bikini top is still openly exposed. Perhaps a very small step in the right direction to not completely degrade women, but the fact remains, there are still half-naked girls tackling other half-naked girls in an arena near you. Bring a camera.

Over the past few years, the LFL  has been met with opposition, hence the rebranding effort. I don’t think this will change the perception of the league, as you’ll have the same outcome, just without garter belts all over the field at the end of the game.

Lets face it, guys go to LFL games for the same reason people attend NASCAR races, the hopes of an accident. If LFL athletes were fully clothed, there would be no LFL. The latest rebranding effort is not because all the horny college guys were demanding more appropriate clothing, it’s for the advertisers.

Companies don’t want to support a brand that openly degrades women. Perhaps that’s why you don’t see Johnson&Johnson advertising in Hustler.

The LFL transitioned from a professional league that shared a cut of the revenue with athletes to an amateur league where all players are unpaid and have to cover their health insurance.

The first game of the new season is set for March 30th. In the video, the big reveal of the new logo was met with a lot less excitement than anticipated.

Pay no attention to the mad clapper n the background, who only makes it a little awkward when they continue to clap well into the intro speech given by the LFL’s founder and commissioner, Mitch Mortaza.

In the speech, Mortaza says that it’s “A brand new sport in essence.” don’t know how putting girls in boy shorts and giving them a nerf ball is a new sport, or the essence of a new sport, but it’s his money, he can call it whatever he wants. I’ll still call it a joke.