Lego amalgamates the virtual with the real

Lego amalgamates the virtual with the real

November 15, 2014 0 By Enzo Knight

LegoSince The Lego Movie came as a stomping success in the States (and some other World parts), it is no strange the Danish-based company decided to move forward by fusing the virtual world with the real one.

What happened is Lego made its physical building bricks available for online transfer, or in other words, you can scan and upload your already built Lego creation to online games.

At times when entertainment spreads in all directions possible, including the virtual market (games, online doings), a logical move for a said company would be to expand its branches toward trending markets, and Lego is doing just that.

Now users can use their imagination to build sets using special plates as platforms, four by far, capture and import them into video games.

The app (it’s always an app) goes by the name Lego Fusion and makes an amalgamation of physical role-playing imaginative thinking and popular electronic devices, mixing the real with the virtual.

And a main reason behind this kind of merging is the fact that kids are not so interested in real world games anymore, because, let’s be honest, it’s pretty boring. So, Lego decided to give them a reason plus for returning to physical building, all while allowing a virtual interaction too.

In Town Master, kids can build additional places, thus establishing a happy virtual population. In Battle Towers, also an online game, a damaged castle can be repaired, wait for it – in the real world, and then uploaded back online. Is this cool or what?

Of course, a similar game mechanic is already used in popular online games, an element which allows users to make a virtual impact from a physical world, like “pay to win”.

Would history repeat itself in Lego Fusion? Let’s wait for September and see.