Lauren B.

October 15, 2012 0 By Rodney Burrell

Lauren is our KD cover girl and all around owner of hotness. She’s originally from Pittsburgh and is currently in school for cardiac stenography and phlebotomy. Lauren also plays tennis and her hobbies include riding quads, fishing, shooting, and playing video games. She’s an Xbox 360 girl and her favorite game is Call of Duty. Now before you start stalking the poor girl, let me at least finish the article.

Lauren enjoys a wide spectrum of musical delights that range from Metal to Country. Her fave bands include Bullet for my Valentine , A Day to Remember, Metallica, and Five Finger Death Punch.

Along with loud music, she loves choppers and big trucks. And the first thing she looks at on a guy, tattoos and muscles. Until the tattoos and muscles thing came up, there were alot of nerdy gamers and emo kids hoping for a chance. Sorry fellas, time to hit the gym, and then the tattoo shop.

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