Katherine Webb: The Latest and Greatest

Katherine Webb: The Latest and Greatest

January 9, 2013 1 By Rodney Burrell

Katherine Webb Model Knuckler Dragger Magazine (17)We had to jump on the band wagon fellas. We’re not in mass hysteria or anything, but Katherine Webb has become a force to be reckoned with. At least for this week.

Webb is 2012’s Miss Alabama winner, a model, and girlfriend of A. J. McCarron; who just won the BCS title for a second straight year with Alabama Crimson Tide. He’s possibly having the best week ever.

Webb, who works at Chick-Fil-A  as a training director, has been modeling for quite some time, so she’s used to the spotlight, but just a few days back she received a firestorm of twitter followers after ESPN’s Brent Musburger said that she was a beautiful woman.

Webb has a BA in Business Management and Administration and is an avid community volunteer. Her motivation for winning the Miss Alabama competition was to encourage young women to go after their dreams and not let fear keep them from achieving great things.

In true Alabama girl fashion, Webb paintballs, skeet shoots and fishes. She also went to India with her missionary group to help open up a dental clinic. Webb seems like a pretty down-to-earth person, and hasn’t missed a beat with all of the attention.

She said it was flattering to be called beautiful, but that people should be focusing on the Crimson Tide for winning their second BCS title.

Spoken like a future pro athlete’s wife. Oh yeah, AJ, you better wife her up, because Arizona Cardinals’ Darnell Docket is gunning for your woman, and he’s packing a bucket-full-of-chicken and a wad of one-dollar bills for the strip club afterwards.

Chicken grease and strippers is always a great way to pick up a church going beauty queen. Nice one, Big fella. And all via Twitter. Oh the internet, how it has ruined us.

Webb wants to get more involved in the entertainment industry, and this little media spark may have just gotten her enough of a window to capitalize.

Unfortunately, the five-minute fame monster takes no prisoners. Whoever her agent is,  better get with it before a lost puppy that saves six bunnies from a burning farm in Manhattan takes over the news.