Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco

October 10, 2014 0 By Rodney Burrell

Kaley Cuoco is an actress from California best known for her role as ditzy nerd convert, Penny, from the hit TV show, The Big Bang Theory.

In 1995, Cuoco made her acting debut in the film, Virtuosity, opposite Denzel Washington. From there, she went on to other films like Growing up Brady, and Hop…You know, the movie about a bunny that poops jelly beans. Granted, he’s the Easter Bunny, so it makes sense on a lot of different levels.

On TV, she’s garnered most of her success and longevity, starring as Bridget Hennesy on 8 Simple Rules and Billy Jenkins on the CW’s Charmed. Since 1994, she’s received around 18 awards for her roles over the years.

Cuoco recently closed a new salary deal for Big Bang, giving her 1-million per episode, and a two season contract that could reach the 100-million mark.

Cuoco’s also a pretty decent tennis player, so decent in fact that she beat her husband, professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting,  in a not so friendly match a little while ago. She managed to post the video online, showing the world that she wears the dress, and pants of the family.

She’s rich, powerful, creative, attractive, and can crush grown men in sports. Oh well, here’s some pretty pictures.