September 2, 2014 0 By Rodney Burrell

maxresdefaultNicholas Cage gives a riveting performance in Joe, a thrilling drama that takes you inside the head of  lumberjack/business owner, Joe Ransom, as he moves on the road to redemption, but not finding much peace of mind. He’s a lover of alcohol, prostitutes, and jail, but deep down, he’s a straight shooter, and somewhat misunderstood.

He takes in a “stray” kid, Gary, (Tye Sheridan) on his crew along with his alcoholic father, Wade (Gary Poulter). After seeing the Gary’s abusive father, and overall shitty situation, Joe takes matters into his own hands.

Joe is definitely not an action movie, or a comedy, but it does posses both genres, albeit in a darker sense of the word. Joe is more of a tale of martyrs. People conquering insurmountable odds to try and live a normal life. It’s a tale a demons, and how those demons can make or break us.

Cage plays his role to a tee, giving viewers that old school Con-Air no-nonsense charm. It’s a true acting masterpiece, visceral and violent in emotions and actions, from start to finish.

A must see flick.