Jill Wagner

Jill Wagner

September 12, 2014 1 By Rodney Burrell

You may know Jill Wagner from those Mercury commercials from the mid-2000’s. The actress and model began making waves when Mercury brought her on as their spokesperson. She had every man in America shuffling to the nearest dealership, hoping that she would be hanging around the lot in a pencil skirt serving popcorn and soda. Sadly, she wasn’t there, and the company folded a few years later. You guys shoulda gave her some popcorn.

You may also remember her from the MTV prank series, Punk’d, where Aston Kutcher pranked other rich & famous people for fun. Yet another reason for us to idolize celebrities. Hey, Simon Cowell also gets frightened when someone pretends to hold him up at gunpoint. Fascinating.

Fast forward to the not so distant future, and Wagner has been a busy bee. She has a recurring role on the TV show Teen Wolf, and  was on Blade the series for a season…After she left, the show was cancelled. I’m starting to see a frightening trend here. You get rid of Jill Wagner, and you’ll go out of business.

Jill was the host for Wipeout, a show where people pretty much fall down for 90% of the show. Wagner actually left the show in 2011, but the executive producer brought her back in 2012. Smart move, guy. You know the television cancellation powers that she wields. The show ended in 2014. She’s now starring in several Hallmark films and series.

Wagner is an avid gun enthusiast, and philanthropist. Her first love is music, and she hopes to record an album one of these days.