Jessica “Evil” Eye Makes Us All Believers

Jessica “Evil” Eye Makes Us All Believers

October 23, 2013 0 By Rodney Burrell

Jessica Eye vs Sarah KaufmanNow that the dust has settled from UFC 166, I want to give my very awesome opinion of the Jessica “Evil” Eye/Sarah Kaufman battle. I think we can all agree that Eye is the real deal. She had her doubters, but she pretty much gave them the Rock’s famous line, “I don’t care what you have to say”. She shut a lot of people up, but not me. No one can silence the genius in the basement.

Ok, now that’s out-of-the-way, to the fight. I think everyone was pleasantly surprised by Eye’s hand speed and great footwork, even our favorite surly announcer, Joe Rogan, who mentioned how impressed he was on several occasions during the fight.

Eye was extremely sharp and Kaufman just didn’t have an answer to the riddle. Kaufman looked a bit lethargic and definitely wasn’t prepared for what Eye brought to the cage. My thoughts, Kaufman thought she was going to come in there and knock Eye’s block off, just like she’s done so many times to her opponents. She kinda did later in the fight, but it was way too late by then.

Eye spent the better part of the first two rounds tattooing Kaufman with everything but the kitchen sink. I wasn’t surprised that the fight never went to the ground, as Kaufman prefers to brawl, and Eye was right at home sticking and moving. In my pre-fight piece, one of my recommendations for Eye was not to trade with Kaufman, because of her previous track record of putting young ladies on their asses.

However, in the third round, Kaufman eventually found a home for those heavy hands and completely rocked Eye with a couple great shots. Eye wobbled, but maintained composure, and finished out the round. In a post fight interview, she alluded to the fact that it was the first time she was actually hurt like that during a fight. She shouldered the blame for getting wobbled, stating that she got out of her game plan by letting her hands down.

Gracious, humble, and verbose all in the same vein, Eye is the best kind of competitor; she loves to fight, but love to win even more. She’s very aware of her mistakes and all she wants to do is get back into the gym to train. She’s ready to fight whomever the UFC puts in front of her and has zero problem speaking her mind.

I don’t think they gave her fight of the night, so no bonus, but she’ll have plenty more  opportunities to make that happen. She got an impressive win over an extremely talented fighter, and won over a boatload of new  “Eye Believers.” Ok, Jessica, here’s a gift. You can have the “Eye Believers” moniker, just please be careful when you’re typing it out…V is right next to B on the keyboard. If you put “Beliebers” in there, we just can’t be friends anymore.