Jason Sargus To Make Fight History

Jason Sargus To Make Fight History

October 18, 2013 0 By Rodney Burrell

549643_359067020872147_1329021075_nJason Sargus, one of the most versatile fighting coaches in the US, is taking his World War Z dog and pony show on the road. Which one is the dog or pony escapes me, but on October 26th Sargus will corner a professional MMA fight and  WBO World Championship fight on the same night in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Yep, you heard it here first, or maybe second, who knows, but I definitely announced it in the most entertaining way.

Sargus is the co-founder of Philadelphia-based Brazen Boxing and MMA, and the founder of Sargus Strength Systems (SSS). If you have problems with deductive reading, Sargus Strength Systems makes you stronger, faster, and less of a candy-ass. Brazen is a boxing and MMA gym that houses some of today’s most promising fighters, but will also whip the average person into some serious shape. Oh yeah I forgot, you might cry a little.

I know what you’re all saying, “shut the hell up Rodney and just tell us who he’s cornering for.” Ok, I hear your cry. The evening will kick off with undefeated MMA fighter, Johnson Jajoute, as he battles Jared Gordon in Atlantic City at the Cage Fury Fighting Championships. Try saying that five times fast. Next on the menu for the evening, a little boxing at Boardwalk Hall, as “King” Gabriel Rosado takes on Peter Quillin for the WBO Middleweight World Championship.

Headlining the Rosado fight, “The Executioner”, Bernard Hopkins. You may have heard of him.

This kind of craziness is just what makes Sargus, in my verbose opinion, The Rain Man of fighting. His ability to corner two high-level fights of different disciplines in one evening escapes rational thought. It’s like Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, or Roy Jones Jr ; all around athletes on such a level that mere mortals really couldn’t understand the level of dedication it took to generate such output.

That’s the level I put Sargus on. It might seem a bit over the top, but it’s not. And here’s why.

Sargus has something that I haven’t seen before, and that’s an extremely analytical approach to fighting and strength training, as well as a scary good eye for fighting dynamics. Couple that with years and years of fighting, coaching and conditioning, and you have yourself a hybrid coach that can, well, corner two different fights in one night.

I know it sounds weird, an editor writing about a coach. “Why aren’t you talking about the fighters!? What’s the spread? I wanna hear predictions!” Shut it. Trainers are never put on a pedestal, and they’re certainly not the rock stars of the industry. It’s the Floyd Mayweather’s and Anderson Silva’s that get the glory.

Well folks, the glory fighters receive doesn’t just fall out of the sky. Greatness, especially in fighting, doesn’t just come from a talented fighter; it comes from a talented coach, mentor and overall manager. So while you’re sitting there wondering if you’re going to see a knockout, remember that without direction, we’re all lost anyway. We’re a symphony without a song, a team without a formation, a ship without a captain; destined for failure, to crumble beneath all of our wasted talents.

Needless to say, the fights are always exciting to watch, but just this time, do a little cheering for the coach. He’s quietly making history, in a Brazen kind of way.