Jason Odin Heuser and His Presidential Superheroes

Jason Odin Heuser and His Presidential Superheroes

October 16, 2014 0 By Rodney Burrell

Jason Odin Heuser is a U.S. based artist that paints, well, our presidential figureheads in a way that you may find somewhat awesome. Images like JFK as an alien hunter, Abe Lincoln as the original NEO from the Matrix, and Bill Clinton, Lady Killer, gives us a true sense of what the American spirit is all about, gratuitous violence and sex.

The extreme creations give you and your super American friends an extra sense of US pride and desire for unabashed power and political jargon that no one could ever understand. Just ask every news station in the world for the past 40 years. They’ve been at it forever trying to dissect political agendas, and all we can get out if is Bill Maher making fun of Obama.

The artwork is actually high-quality stuff, if you’re into presidential mash-ups with pop culture, this is your lucky day.

However, if you’re not into art, just violence and sex. Today is also your lucky day. Click here for violence, and here for sexy.

You’re welcome, you patriot of purity. If you want to purchase some of the most American paintings ever created, visit Jason’s Website.

In the mean time, have a beer and some apple pie.