Is Your Relationship Facebook Proof?

Is Your Relationship Facebook Proof?

April 16, 2013 1 By Leanne Clute

facebookproofPeople today are filled with a share-everything bug that we just can’t seem to shake. Not only do we see too many pictures of pets and babies but also detailed accounts of what our friends are doing and eating every second of the day.

Arguments between friends, family and lovers are publicly aired on Facebook and relationships deteriorate faster than ever because of a misunderstanding that leads to viral social media post. At a time when there is more than enough dirty laundry to go around, we have to wonder if our relationships are Facebook proof?

The spectrum of over-sharing does not seem to have a happy medium. We have friends who rarely share anything and friends who need to share everything; typically, women are the latter. When it comes to your personal relationship, the need to be “Facebook Official” can pose more headaches than a few rounds with Jon “Bones” Jones. So how do you make that special relationship last beyond the confines of a socially obsessed world?

  1. Set Boundaries – Since the ladies tend to over-share their personal life the most, it is important to set boundaries. Express how much you enjoy privacy and request that posts regarding arguments, excessive pictures and anything that is over-the-top-lovey-dovey be limited or avoided all together until the relationship reaches a more serious level.
  2. Skip the Facebook Official Status – The only reason to make your relationship “Facebook Official” is to show it off to other people. This is exactly why women think that it is oh-so-important. Girls are often at a constant silent battle with their friends regarding whose life is more perfect. After all, it’s not like anyone embellishes their profile – right? Unless you are moving in together, getting engaged or getting married there is no reason for a “Facebook Official” relationship status. Relationships can end as quickly as they start. Constant turnover in your bedroom can leave a bad taste in the mouth of others and hinder your reputation and hers.
  3. Don’t be Online Friends With Your Ex or her Family – The funny thing about family is that they only see one side of the story. As much as they may love you while you’re dating their daughter, when the relationship ends they are free to say whatever they truly feel. Even if you end on amicable terms, it is best to nix your ex and her family from your social media friends lists. The past is in the past and you don’t need or want it to affect your future with Ms. Right – or Ms. Right Now.
  4. Open the Lines of Communication – Open communication tends to be the most difficult part for men when it comes to relationships. If your lady feels like she can’t talk to you then she is more likely to air her dirty laundry on her social media accounts looking for advice and comfort from her friends instead of talking to you directly. This one-sided version of the story can lead to her friends developing negative feelings for you and your relationship. Keep the lines open to eliminate this potentially damaging over share.

Guys, it is up to you to keep your relationship safe from the irreparable damage that can be caused by our in-the-know society. Don’t forget to refresh your memory on the 3 Types of Women to Avoid on Facebook  too!