Is Facebook Killing Your Man Card?

Is Facebook Killing Your Man Card?

May 11, 2013 0 By Rodney Burrell

Facebook stalker knuckle dragger magazineI’m a Facebook stalker , can’t deny it in any shape or form. I watch the threads, updates, new pictures, relationship updates, and all of the “LOL” goodness that has been thrust into our mainstream society.

One frightening trend I’ve noticed is guys completely loosing every rational sense of being manly. It’s a terrifying sight to read a comment from a guy that says “There’s no one more beautiful than you. Your eyes are like the ocean in the night.” Followed by a heart and a smiley face. And all for a woman who this guy doesn’t really know, he just saw her duckface picture and a post that said, “I’m waiting for my prince charming…Frownie face.”

Something that guys need to understand first and foremost, the possibility of hooking up with a girl from Facebook is as about as likely as you stumbling across a bag of money followed by being hit on by a Victoria’s Secret model that proceeds to make you a sandwich as you tell he about the latest level change on Call of Duty.

Women meet real guys at real places, like the gym, bar, grocery store, or any other relatively normal place attractive females act like they don’t see you looking at them. Making yourself look like a writer from Lifetime doesn’t make you seem any more dreamy. In fact, it makes you look like you should be driving a Volkswagen Beetle (With the Daisy in the Dash).

It’s ok to be a man on Facebook. It’s ok to say that you like boobs and ass. Women already know that’s what we’re looking at anyway. Why do you think they post pictures of them in booty shorts, to show their moms how well they can dance like a stripper? I think not. They want the likes, and the attention, but one thing they don’t want or need is a date, boyfriend with a heart of gold, or to see pictures of you holding a litter of kittens you just rescued from a cat milking ring.

Keep it in perspective, Keep it loose, and for the love of skittles, keep it manly. Over and out.