Is A Guy Ever Too Old To Play Video Games?

Is A Guy Ever Too Old To Play Video Games?

June 24, 2013 0 By Rodney Burrell

stock-footage-man-playing-video-games-and-ignoring-his-wifeI’m 33. I would consider myself to be a relativity responsible adult and for the most part, pretty mature. I even say please and thank you.  I pay my bills, take care of the family, hit the gym, and try to eat right (ish).

But something lurks under the surface. I’m a closet nerd. I have a headset, and my best friend and I suit up a few times a week to play COD. We’ve mastered the art of turning curse words into nouns and verbs.

Anger, frustration, and elation all come from a video game console, headset, and the willingness to talk like you never, ever thought about working anywhere other than the docks. It’s a sacrifice, but millions of males take the plunge every night.

So here’s the question, Am I too old to play video games? I would obviously say no. You’re never too old to battle with a 12-year-old that’s verbally defiling your mother. It keeps me youthful. However, there’s a large majority of women and men that associate video games with a ganja-laced stuper that the underachievers of this world equate to as some type of Dickensian fantasy land.

I grew up with good ol’ Nintendo, blowing out the cartridges 5o0 times just to get to work for a few minutes. I progressed to Sega Genesis, Super Nintento, Sega CD, Dreamcast, Playstation 1, then 2, and finally Xbox 360…and we’re in love. And whether you’re a PS3 or Xbox guy, you probably had roughly the same etiology. If you had a girlfriend, you probably owned a Wii at some point and time…I’ll let you slide on that one.

Left, down, Right, Left and A. Here’s your sign and right of passage to embrace your nerdiness and right trigger your way to blowing a few hours on some harmless fun.

Sure, you might have made some kid cry because you called his mother a cock jockey, but you got the win, and there’s nothing more natural than cursing out a pre-teen and taking home the victory. And if at all possible, teabag the SOB.

To those professionals that think people who play video games can’t be successful, productive members of society, look at me. I get dressed up at least once or twice year.

To women that say grow up; when you stop taking pictures of your dog dressed up like a baby, posting quotes from Marylin Monroe, and listening to ANY song  by Taylor Swift, then we can talk.

To guys that are married and getting the crackdown from the Mrs., don’t fight it…just hide it, like any healthy married man would do.