Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet

Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet

September 17, 2014 1 By Rodney Burrell

Ironman-Motorcycle-Helmet-by-Masei-iron-man-the-movie-36892354-960-720Tony Stark is a billionaire playboy with a smart mouth and a sassy assistant that he has the hots for. He’s also a genius and doubles as a crime-fighting superhero called Iron Man. Clearly you have the same qualities of wealth, danger, and exceptional attractiveness.

You’ve always felt deep down that you should be the head of a huge technology corporation.

You’ve been the Assistant Manager at Radio Shack for 10 years, and use the term reboot at least 5-8 times per day. It’s your time to shine.

You want a motorcycle, but you have no idea how to ride one, and frankly, going over 75 mph kinda scares you, so you bought a scooter. But it’s a sweet-ass scooter with racing flames and a sticker that says “Keep honking, I’m reloading”. All you need now is a helmet that tells the world you mean business.

Buy an Iron Man motorcycle helmet. Not only will people think you’re a superhero, but they’ll also envy your wealth, power, and good looks. And Kate Upton will be your girlfriend. Kate Upton likes Iron Man. And Money.

For 160.00, you owe it to yourself to unlock all your hidden potential.