How one Company is Creating Great Sound for All.

How one Company is Creating Great Sound for All.

January 23, 2020 Off By Cory Taggart

Headphones have become quite the polarizing tapestry over the last 10 years. Dr. Dre turned them into a fashion statement, and made it cool to wear them around your neck, and Apple made it cool to look like a complete moron whilst two toothbrush heads stick out of your ear. But it still poses the question, what’s good sound, really? For audiophiles (sound nerds), the search for high-quality equipment that scratches their auditory itch is generally expensive and exclusive, but there have been several innovations that make eargasms a little more affordable. Fluance is a company obsessed with making things sound nice. Their mission to make affordable audio devices that produce rockstar sound is something they seem to be pretty ok at.

fluance speaker

One of Fluance’s wood-covered speakers. Image credit: Fluance

Fluance’s History

Deepak Jain founded Fluance in 1999 after he discovered that live concert sound could not be replicated with the boomboxes and headphones within his budget. He became somewhat of a mad scientist, experimenting with different speaker sets, but nothing hit the mark. In the end, he obviously made it his life’s mission to make good sounding equipment that normal people could afford…Not all heroes wear capes.

Since then, the brand has expanded into a wide range of products, from speaker systems to turntables. Every machine has high-fidelity audio and is outfitted with classic wood construction. The company also sells components.

The Specifics

Some of the turntables come in bundles with the home stereo systems. Again, these range in size and budget. A simple Bluetooth speaker with wood finish marks the lower end of the price scale. On the opposite end is Fluance’s signature product, the Fi70. A three-way speaker system with Bluetooth abilities, USB charger wood finish, LED display, AM/FM radio- with a nostalgic alarm clock.

fluance fi70

The Fi70. Image credit: Fluance

Despite (or perhaps because of) wood being featured heavily in their products, Fluance dedicated part of their corporate mission to sustainability. According to their website, they “have transformed the processes for designing, manufacturing and shipping our products to reduce our environmental footprint and endeavor to be a consumer electronics leader in sustainability initiatives on a local and global basis.” The resin used meets all requirements set by the Composite Wood Products (CWP) Regulation. Recycled material is used whenever possible for packaging and shipping. Any power adapters also feature increased efficiency for fewer CO2 emissions. Smaller boxes mean less waste, less gas used, and a lower price for the consumer, after all.

fluance turntable

Closeup of a Fluance turntable. Image credit: Fluance