Hines Ward Pays for Sex? 15k Says He doesn’t

October 20, 2012 0 By Rodney Burrell

I have to admit that the thought of extorting a celebrity for all of their wrong doings is a pretty tempting, especially when I’ve seen a litany of bad judgement and questionable behavior over the past 10 year. Well it turns out somebody had the same idea, and tried to cash in. 26-year-old Joshua Van Auker is awaiting arraignment for trying to extort local legend, glittery dancer, professional drinker, and Superbowl MVP Hines Ward for allegedly paying women for sex.

Van Auker also claimed that his girlfriend had a physical relationship with Ward. Ummm, yeah isn’t that a problem you should take up with your girlfriend? Ward is just being a typical pro athlete, when the opportunity arises they jump on women like a fat kid on cake.

Now here’s the crazy thing, Van Auker was arrested after he met with Ward’s PA, Raymond Burgess, in which Van Auker was actually paid, so there must have been some scandalous shit in there on Ward.

What I don’t get is you’re Hines Ward, why do you need to pay for sex? I’ve been to multiple athlete functions and the women are nothing less than forward about their intentions. It’s a whole different world, but some guys like prostitutes. Whatever get’s your eggroll going, Ward.

Andrew Ree, Ward’s spokeman, said that the allegations were, “the act of a desperate individual trying to get money from a celebrity.” No shit, Ree. He sure wasn’t doing it as part of the protect prostitute’s rights organization. Van Aucker apparently said to Burgess, “It’s called buying silence, brother” Great quote, Hulkster.

Ward wasn’t even in the state and didn’t know about anything regarding the extortion attempt. He was too busy not paying for sex.