Heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury calls out UFC champion Cain Velasquez

January 3, 2013 3 By
CREDIT: sabotagetimes.com

CREDIT: sabotagetimes.com

Being the champ is awesome, isn’t it, Mr. Velasquez?

Less than one week after capturing the UFC heavyweight championship from Junior dos Santos at UFC 155, American Kickboxing Academy standout Cain Velasquez has his first aggressive challenger.

No, it’s not Alistair Overeem, and it’s not the man he just defeated, Junior dos Santos.

Surprisingly, it’s not Chael Sonnen, the man who will challenge anybody.

Hell, it’s not even an MMA fighter.

Enter Tyson Fury, undefeated heavyweight boxing contender who took to ye ole Twittersphere to voice his desire to step into the cage with the newly crowned UFC heavyweight champ.

Pretty abrasive, right? It gets better.

At 6’9″ with an 85-inch reach, Fury’s “midget” comments seem a little more justified, but come on dude, does Cain really look like he’s on steroids?

If Cain is down for the challenge (spoiler alert: the fight will never happen), Fury says he will take the fight immediately.

The MMA versus boxing debacle just never ends, does it? At this point, I think we get it, guys: in the ring, Fury wins easily, and in the cage, Velasquez obliterates the larger opponent with his grappling skills.

While this fight will never come to fruition, and I highly doubt UFC president Dana White will even give it a second though, it is always fun to play the “what if” game and fantasize about potential cross-sport matchups.

So what do you guys think? Would Fury have any sort of chance against Cain in the Octagon, or is his mouth getting a little ahead of itself here?