Has MMA Put Boxing on Ice For Good?

Has MMA Put Boxing on Ice For Good?

June 10, 2013 0 By Rodney Burrell

MMA FightingFor as long as I can remember, boxing has been a steel-plated fortress of entertainment that brought in droves of fans and dollars.

Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis, Mickey Ward, Roy Jones Jr. were all subjects of water-cooler fodder.

Now, names like Uriah Hall, Brock Lesner, Cowboy Cerone, and Anderson Silva now pepper facebook, twitter, and message boards around the world. Has the flame of boxing been doused by MMA? Yes, and Yes.

Unfortunately, bad management and lack of exciting and marketable fighters has put boxing in a geriatric form of water aerobics that just can’t seem to find its way to the towel room. Old, wet and just not that exciting for people to watch.

On the other hand, MMA provides fans with an action-packed canister of blood, sweat and tapouts. Even in the local market, MMA draws huge crowds and better fights than I’ve seen in some of the pro boxing matches of late.

Will boxing cease to exist? Not at all. It will continue to persevere and produce talented fighters out of gyms across the world, but the the big draw fights seem to be fading fast, especially with Pacquiao contemplating not fighting in the US again. Mayweather is bound to retire soon, and even if he doesn’t, people hate him anyway. The megafight between PacMan and Mayweather is still in talks, but who the hell knows.

There are thousands of MMA gyms pumping out top-level fighters ready to get into the big game. MMA will only continue to grow and I’m looking forward to see where the ceiling is, if there is one. And if there’s a way to get Floyd Mayweather into an MMA ring, I would love to see it.