Hard Drive Inception – Real Storage Built in the Virtual World of Minecraft

Hard Drive Inception – Real Storage Built in the Virtual World of Minecraft

November 4, 2014 1 By Enzo Knight

MinecraftWithout much postponing and worthless exposition, here’s the thing: a man called Cody Littley managed to build/create/amaze people with his latest creation – a fully functional and working hard drive inside the world of Minecraft. What, how, why? – We’re not sure, but we’ll give our best to explain anyways.

Codey’s ‘creation’ can store as much as 1 KB of data, and Reddit users are already brain-storming their ideas towards ‘the creator’, advising him to, with his words – “…store 1KB of porn on it”. Isn’t the Internet a beautiful place?

The ‘creation’ was put together with standard Minecraft tools, without any additions, mods or similar. It is also based on what’s known as ‘redstones’ in the game – a block version that allows conversion and transmission of a ‘red stone dust’ – a different in-game material.

Now, the binary rule says that redstones can transmit data only through opaque blocks, in turn meaning that transparent blocks are not ‘conductive’ material. Codey realized he could follow the rule toward success, by connecting their ‘1’ and ‘0’ values into what seemed to become an enormous Rube-Goldberg device – his drive.

For enthusiasts, the whole thing is available on Google Drive, so check it out.

And why the title? – Well, Cody’s game is stored/runs through his physical hard drive, therefore his virtual hard drive is inside his physical hard drive, or hard drive into a hard drive, ergo – inception.