Hannah Ferguson

Hannah Ferguson

November 12, 2014 0 By Rodney Burrell

It’s not everyday that you meet a model that can kill you with the drop of a hat. Meet Hannah Ferguson, a model and all-around super ok gal that just so happened to land in Sports Illustrated…And KDM in the same year. She’s winning. But let me get back to the crazy farm strength and killing part.

Ferguson was raised in Texas by Mr. and Mrs. badass, both Marines.

Mom. Drill Instructor.

Dad. Sniper.

Kids. Obedient.

Growing up she tended to the farm, fed  animals, and learned the art of death (as we would image). After high-school, Ferguson relinquished her ninja skills and got into modeling after she won a competition. It’s been a pretty good move thus far. Currently residing in New York with her two sisters, she’s a highly sought after model that you may have seen in body paint for the SI swimsuit edition, or making out with a hamburger in a Carl Jr’s commercial.

To relax, she either bakes or shoots stuff. I’m pretty sure for a guy that ranks up there with finding a sack of money on the street or getting a flawless victory in Mortal Kombat.

Ferguson supports charities like the Garden of Dreams, and NY-based organization that provides kids facing extreme life situations with once-in-a-lifetime experiences with professional athletes, performers, and celebrities. She also supports Lone Survivor, an organization providing recovery support to wounded service members.

On video, Ferguson is well-spoken and extremely humble, as most deadly ninjas tend to be. Probably from all of the goat chasing and blind-folded acrobatics as a teen. We see big things coming from HF’s career, so keep an eye for her.

And don’t piss her off either. Fear level: 100%