Guess What: GUESS Watches Cooperate With Martian Watches to Bring You More Watches

Guess What: GUESS Watches Cooperate With Martian Watches to Bring You More Watches

November 5, 2014 0 By Enzo Knight

Guess watchYou better watch out there: GUESS Watches is teaming up with smartwatch churner –Martian Watches, to bring new joy to families and kids in form of ‘new-epoch’ gadgets, i.e. watches who are smarter than the user wearing them.

If this didn’t manage to confuse you, do not worry, for the time of confusion is certainly nigh.

Martian Watches CEO, who goes by the name of Stan Kinsley, explicates his vision of “powered by Martian” wrist-watches that combine the technology and fashion into one cohesive whole (he actually didn’t said that, we’re exaggerating the expression). Furthermore, SEQUEL (a distributor company) enters the game with CEO Cindy Livingston announcing excitement about the partnership with Martian watches. And no, Martian Watches is not a company based in Mars.

Livingston continued with saying that Martian has captured the essential synergy between ‘the sexy’ and ‘the intelligent’ smartwatches, and this would be the main reason behind the cooperation happening between the companies. As their goal (SEQUEL’s) is not to copy smartphone designs, the decision clearly goes toward innovation with style (of the future watches).

Now, a word-two for the companies that no one reads: SEQUEL is a Switzerland-based company with existing offices spread all around the world – Toronto, Paris, Hong Kong, Norwalk and London. It currently possesses the distribution rights for GUESS Watches, distributing them in more than 100 countries around the World.

In the other corner, Martian Watches (as we already stated) is a California-based company which currently develops wireless techs – with a tint of fashion.

Personally, I imagine the whole deal resulting into a “Hello Kitty” smartwatch that also has the additional option of telling time.