Gladiator’s of the Cage: Road to Glory 4 Recap

Gladiator’s of the Cage: Road to Glory 4 Recap

April 9, 2013 0 By Rodney Burrell

Jason WillettThe Epic Leap Entertainment team put on yet another lights out show as they hosted “Gladiators of the Cage: Road to Glory 4” for a packed house of MMA fans at the Shriners Syria Mosque, located in Cheswick, PA. The promoters and organizers did a great job with hospitality, food, layout, and of course the fight cards were entertaining, especially in the amateurs.

Oh yeah, the ring girls. Thanks for them too. (giggidy)

The night started out with our pals from the PA National Guard as they provided the flag for the national anthem.

It also consisted of me almost putting the athletic commissioner, Greg Serb, in a Rick Flair Figure Four after he decided it was appropriate to put his hands on me to get out the time-keepers assigned seat. Wooooo!

He’s pretty tough for a horse jockey, ermm, I mean commissioner, when he’s buzzing around the ring like it’s the Triple Crown. I assure you, being an ass will only anger the editorial minions. Be nice Serb, or we might just send you back home to your dad, the Lucky Charms leprechaun.

Onto the Amateur Fights.

The amateurs proved to be entertaining. It can either be skilled fighters in an epic match for world domination, or two people hugging it out.

This time, we were treated to some great matches.

My favorite amateur fight of the night was Mike Bosiljevac versus Jeremy Sakuta. It was a toe-to-toe match for all three rounds. There wasn’t much of a ground game for either fighter, and Bosiljevac, a former Golden Gloves boxer, looked comfortable standing up.

Although, Sakuta’s reach proved to be too much for him. Bosiljevac tried to get on the inside, but just couldn’t find the right formula to connect with his power shots.

Sakuta almost leveled Bosiljevac at the end of the second round with a monster shot, but Bosiljevac was able to hold on.

Both guys looked great for their first fight, and Sakuta took home a well-deserved victory via split-decision.

Definitely interested in seeing them in action again.

In another amateur battle worth mentioning, Ryan Clark completely decimated Donald Bard.

Pro Card…

The pro card had some great matches, but there’s always one controversy fight, and this time it was Michael Guttilla versus Mitchell Killeen.

Both fighters were making their pro debut, and it was a great fight until the unthinkable happened, an accidental knee to the back of the head that lead to the disqualification of Guttilla. First off, Guttilla rocked Killeen with a great shot.

Killeen was down on the mat covering up when Guttilla mistakenly kneed him on the back of the head as he tried to take Killeen’s back.  The ref didn’t even see the shot until Guttilla held his hands up.

After that, the show started. The doctor, commissioner, ref and corner came into the ring to evaluate Killeen.

After about 10 minutes, Killeen apparently wanted to continue, but some of the crew advised him to take the win and move on. It’s a touchy subject because it’s the athletic team’s responsibility to protect the fighters, but it’s also a fight. If a fighter is not displaying signs of a concussion, they should be allowed to continue.

Backstage, Killeen yelled at his manager, “Rematch”.

Jason “The Whip” Willett defeated “the real” LA Hampton by RNC in a great match up. Willett showed off his ground game and overall power against the bigger Hampton.

The two exchanged shots throughout, but Willett’s tenacity proved too much for Hampton as he stunned Hampton with a laseresque punch and then took advantage on the ground.

Willett, who promised us a different finishing move than his last match, stood true to his word.

Main Event

In the main event, Chris Dempsey stood tough against Dervin Lopez. Most of the fight took place on the ground, where Lopez showed off his well- refined ground game, trying submission after submission.

Despite all the attempts, Dempsey showed great defense, slipping most and on a couple of occasions trying the rampage power bomb technique. It kinda worked, but was entertaining nevertheless.

Dervin smothered Dempsey for most of the fight, and standing up Dervin’s reach came into full glory. It was a battle-tested match and Dempsey came out with the victory via decision. I think Dervin could have pulled out the victory, but when you come to someone’s backyard, it has to be a dominating performance.

Special Thanks to our partners, the PA National Guardand Supplement Central