Gladiator’s of The Cage Named Best Pittsburgh MMA Fight Promotion

Gladiator’s of The Cage Named Best Pittsburgh MMA Fight Promotion

October 9, 2013 1 By Rodney Burrell

Gladiators of The cage Knuckle Dragger MagazineWell, the tallies are in. Epic Leap Entertainment, the event management company that produces “Gladiator’s of The Cage(GOTC), a local MMA promotion, has won Knuckle Dragger Magazine’s coveted “Pittsburgh’s Best Fight Promotion of the Year” award. I know what you’re thinking, “What do they get, and why is it coveted? Great question, cynical readers.

It’s coveted because I’m super smart and know a lot about great fight promotions; but even more than that, I know about really shitty ones as well. Therefore, my opinion is the only one that matters. At least to the three people that are reading this article. One of which is my mom. Thanks for the support mama, you always told me I would grow up to be a great writer with a sub-par following that gave out the most important MMA monikers in the world.

Ok, onto why GOTC is the best in the burgh.

#1. Presentation: First class all the way. Whether it’s Stage AE or The Shriner’s Event Hall, no expense is spared to make sure fans are getting their money’s worth. And believe me, MMA tickets aren’t cheap. At an average of 40.00, the need to be entertained is at an all-time high, and disappointment will almost guarantee a fan not returning to your next event, and badmouthing you to 20 other miserable people. Time after time, GOTC knocks every event out of the park. They put just as much time into logistics as they do anything else.

#2. Security: In most cases for me, lack of security is the perfect place to get away with stuff, that’s how I make a living, breaking the rules. Duh.  In the case of GOTC’s events, security is on threat level brown, meaning that if you don’t have the proper wristband, you’re hitting the bricks. Why is this good? For a couple of reasons. First off, it keeps people like me out. Second, it creates a sense of exclusivity. People that paid an extra 45.00 for a cage-side seat won’t see someone from general admission squeezing past the security guard as he eats a slim jim and updates his status, “VIP Security Tonight, YOLO”.

#3. Quality: The cage, chairs, food, and visual aids are all top quality. How can a chair be to quality? Go sit in a POS chair, and then ask me that question. Visual aids, like TV’s are all well-placed so everyone can see the action, even if they’re not in front of cage. In any event, you want to feel like the promoters took a little extra effort in creating an experience and not just a money mill for collecting tickets with the fights as  bi-product.

GOTC has mastered the fine art of fight seduction. A few more events like this and I might just throw my panties in the cage. If they’re lucky.

Now that I’ve explained to everyone why we decided on GOTC, let me address what other people are probably saying. What about the fights? They should be judged by the quality of the fights… Well, the lower level fight game is simply not relevant enough to gauge a promotion by the fights it has on the card. Most local promotions recycle the same fighters and competition. You might get an awesome one, you might get a dud. Until the fundamentals, logistics, and politics of local mma change, we’ll continue down the same road. Enough said.

The last question of the evening, what does GOTC get for winning? They get an awesome article written by arguably the best writer in the universe. And Ice cream, lots of free ice cream.