“Gladiators of the Cage” MMA Fights a Huge Success

“Gladiators of the Cage” MMA Fights a Huge Success

January 28, 2013 0 By Rodney Burrell

Dominic The Honey Badger MazzottaThis past weekend Epic Leap Entertainment put on a great fight promotion called Gladiators of the Cage, North Shore’s Rise to Power. The fights took place at Stage AE and the organization and execution was top-notch.

The security was so tight, I barely got my seat cage side, but it was actually refreshing to see some people taking their job seriously. With that said, get out of my way security guy so I can write this story. For a first event, Epic Leap did a great job of leaving no stone unturned, and Stage AE accommodated sponsors and fight fans. For their next fight at Stage AE, Epic Leap will include bleachers, as some of the fans said they had problems seeing the cage.

One low point in the event was the halftime entertainment; Young Roach, a rapper who was a cross between Bieber and one of the Jonas brothers. His voice was high-pitched, flows were an absolute joke, and then he took the liberty of dropping a “put yo muthafucking hands up” at an all ages event. Yeah, fail. I’m really surprised someone didn’t step inside the cage and try to choke him out. Something I think the audience would have taken much more pleasure in.

Now onto the fights

The Amateur fights were average, but one stuck out in particular as one of the worst fights I’ve ever seen. Ryan Clark fought  furloughed teacher, Jamie Fleck in some what would call a mercy killing. Clark was all over Fleck, who seemed to be terrified of being in the ring.

He actually caught Clark with a couple of shots, but overall, Fleck shot with no form or function, actually doing more damage to himself with each failed attempt, went down on his back with the whiff of a punch, and was confused an disoriented most of the fight. Thankfully the ref put a stop to it in the second round when Clark caught Fleck with a right and he went to the canvas. Fleck should have never stepped into the cage, he was unprepared at best.

The pro card had some decent matches, with a few sticking out.

Dominic “The Honey Badger” Mazzotta fought Doug Hodges in the first pro fight of the night. Truthfully, I’ve never seen that kind of reception for a local fighter. The place erupted into a deafening tone when Mazzotta entered the ring, and he didn’t disappoint with an impressive RNC on Hodges. I now see why they call him a Honey Badger. As we all know, Honey Badgers don’t care.

Jason “The Whip” Willet made a successful pro debut with convincing triangle choke win over Donte Adams. Willett looked sharp throughout the early going and made quick work of Adams.

The Cardio Match of the century took place when Fikret Darzanoff “fought” Ryan Quaill in an embarrassing match that saw both men standing around gassed more than fighting. Lots of ground and cuddle took place. Of the  two fighters, Darzanoff had better cardio, but not by much. It was a painful fight to watch. There was a collective sigh of relief when the third round came to end, with Darzanoff winning by decision. Perhaps both camps should invest in treadmills.

Chris Dempsey dominated Chase Owens, but could not put him away, as Owens had a tight ground defense. Owens had Dempsey in the stand up game, but with Ownes having absolutely no takedown defense, Dempsey spent all three rounds on top. Great technical match with Dempsey winning by unanimous decision. [Side note to the fans beside me screaming to Dempsey, break his neck, break his arm! Complete asses.]

And  last but not least, the fight of the night as Adam ‘The Prototype” Milstead took on  Tex “The Hawaiian Stallion” Trismegistus in an epic battle for world domination. Or maybe it was  just for the win, who knows. Milstead started off quickly, rattling off some great kicks, clearly outmatching Trismegistus in the speed department.

It was apparent that Milstead was in for a fight when the heavy hitting Trismegistus caught him with a few solid shots, and showed his raw strength, throwing Milstead into the cage at one point. An ominous tone came from Trismegistus’s corner man, when he screamed out “Finish this Shit!” The crowd knew they were in for a battle, and so did we.

Milstead hung tough and worked his ground game, although it appeared that he damaged his knee in the first round. Living up to the prototype moniker, he continued in the second round and took Trismegistus down, and eventually worked into a well-crafted armbar.

Great fight that showed exceptional heart and determination from Milstead. Big props to both fighters for putting on a great match for us ringside.

Oh yeah, And the ring girls. They’re pretty awesome. God bless whoever created boy shorts.

Special thanks to our partners at Supplement Central and The PA National Guard

Also, thanks to Animal Pak for providing the winners with gift bags.