Georges Saint Pierre Dominates Nick Diaz in UFC 158

Georges Saint Pierre Dominates Nick Diaz in UFC 158

March 17, 2013 0 By Rodney Burrell

georges-st-pierre- knuckle dragger magazineGeorges “Rush” Saint-Pierre retained his welterweight championship with a unanimous decision against Nick Diaz in UFC 158. For five rounds, GSP pretty much owned Diaz, methodically picking him apart with every opening. GSP was clearly the stronger of the two, but maintained a steady pace, stuffing any attack Diaz tried to mount. Perhaps if Diaz was less concerned with the ganja and trash talking, he might have had a better chance at making this a fair fight.

Not one part stuck out through the fight, although GSP did land a couple of his trademark superman punches. Saint-Pierre was just as rock-solid as usual. He didn’t leave many openings to any wild shots by Diaz.

The first three rounds of the fight were dominated by GSP. Diaz had no answer for anything. In round four Diaz made a few waves by landing a couple of knees and upper cuts on the champ, but still lost the round. In the fifth round, Diaz continued to mount some type of offense, but GSP answered with even more punishment and closed out the round with a take down and a few hammer fists, sending the 20,000 Canadian fans into an uproar.

After the decision was announced, GSP was gracious in victory and the two men hugged it out. There’s nothing like beating the living shit out of each other to work out a disagreement and everyone walking away friends. I think politics would be much more entertaining if the candidates had to get in the cage to win. Fight for the vote…Perhaps a good idea. Probably not though. All I’m saying is Obama versus Romney…Best selling pay-per-view ever.

Johny Hendricks, who defeated Carlos “The Natural Born Killer” Condit in the co-main event, is now in line to fight GSP.