Fresh Factory Clothing: Protect Your Nips

Fresh Factory Clothing: Protect Your Nips

February 12, 2013 0 By Rodney Burrell

yhst-55384777724572_2247_12017Nobody wants chaffed nipples, especially me. And that’s why I am writing this article. Not really for the fact that Fresh Factory, a clothing line based in Pittsburgh, promotes having soft clothing that wont chafe your nips, but the simple originality and creative process deserves a shout out.Dan Desko, a Pittsburgh native, founded Fresh Factory to provide people with a genuine throwback style of clothing with a fresh flair. Pun intended.

Shirts like “yoi’ and double yoi” pay homage to the late, great Steelers’ commentator, Myron Cope. Super Mario sheds light on Pittsburgh’s unhealthy fascination with Mario Lemieux. Other tees like Sophie Masloff for Mayor and I Brake for tunnels show Pittsburgh humor at its best. Fresh Factory also retails custom-made Pittsburgh jewelery like the Stillers and Jagoff necklace.

While Fresh Factory is known for its Pittsburgh-centric gear, hey also sell other vintage tees ranging from Berlin ’89, culminating the fall of the Berlin Wall, and Mexico ’68, celebrating the Olympic games being held in Mexico.

Rest assured, even if you’re not a fan of Pittsburgh or its colloquialisms, The Fresh Factory has something that will maintain your fresh and protect those nips. A key factor to any garment purchase.