August 11, 2012 0 By AbbieJanzef


For all of us that have lingering fuzzy feelings for early pop-punk type music, Punchline is one of those bands that after all these years we still listen to. So many bands come, and go. Some we remember, some we don’t. Usually after a few shitty albums, we quickly loose interest in the same band we were bat shit about when we first discover them. Luckily for us, Punchline isn’t one of those bands that we can just forget about.
Punchline is from Belle Vernon, it formed back in 1998 while going to high school. There first album was titled How To Get Kicked Out Of The Mall, which was soon after followed by their self titled full length album. The album was all self-produced and self-released. Major Motion Picture and The Rewind EP followed in 2001 and 2002.
By 2003, Punchline had signed with the label Fueled by Ramen and rerealeased their previous EP. In 2004 yet another album followed entitled Action, followed by 37 Everywhere. In 2008, the band had left Fueled by Ramen only to start their own independent label called Modern Short Stories. Soon after, the album Just Say Yes was released. By 2010, yet another album Delightfully Pleased was dropped. Their newest album is called So Nice To Meet You, it came out the beginning of January.
Originally, the band consisted of the members.  Steve Soboslai, vocalist/guitarist, the drummer PJ Caruso, and bassist Chris Fafalio. Presently, the band is made up of Steve Soboslai, Chris Fafalios, Paul Menotiades, and Cory Muro.
The band still regularly plays here in Pittsburgh, their last show being at Altar Bar on July 27th. Personally, Punchline is just one of those bands that I can’t get enough of. Their total hometown hero’s. They have a sound that’s personally theirs, thrown together with great lyrics, awesome stage presence, and multiple albums, and hopefully many more to come.