Fly Paper

Fly Paper

October 15, 2014 0 By Rodney Burrell

Flypaper_posterIn this edition of The Netflix Binge, we review the 2011 action, drama, comedy, Flypaper, starring Patrick Dempsey and Ashley Judd.  Dempsey stars as Tripp, a quirky genius-like customer that unwittingly gets caught up in a whole lot of drama. Judd Co-stars as Tripp’s bank teller, and weird paralleling love interest throughout the film.

The two had great energy and chemistry, not what I would have thought by such an odd pairing. Judd put her best foot forward, and was looking purrdy foxy.

The story takes place in a bank, and everything is business as usual when suddenly it gets robbed, twice. That’s right, two bank robberies on the same day, at the same time. Clearly the bank robbers are befuddled. What was supposed to be a run of the mill robbery has turned into a somewhat tense situation between the customers, employees, and of course, the rival crew.

Now in a hostage scenario, Tripp unwittingly tries to decode the reasoning behind such a peculiar event. What unfolds is just the best game of clue, ever. Lots of backwards allegations, people dying, and good laughs as everyone is just trying to get the hell out of the bank.

Great performance by Dempsey. He shows an interesting dynamic throughout his role. He nailed the neurotic, somewhat pitiful, yet confident nature of his character’s clearly flawed and honest demeanor.

Overall the film was well put together. However, sometimes the story line became muddy and disillusioned, but it did come back together in the end for a great twist. The length in which the “hostages” were able to take was a bit over-the-top, as Tripp escapes several times, only to simply be put back into lock up.

If they were trying to portray a complete separation, lack of control, and systematical breakdown of both bank crews, they did a great job. I mean the writers were from “The Hangover”, a movie where nothing is in control, except the beginning and ending credits.

Flypaper is most definitely a movie to add to your watch list.