Floyd Money Eyes Up MMA Promoting

Floyd Money Eyes Up MMA Promoting

September 26, 2013 0 By Rodney Burrell

Floyd-MayweatherNo, Floyd Mayweather is not getting into an MMA ring. He’s 36 and would most likely be sent to meet his maker within the first few minutes. He knows this, and we all know that he knows that we know.

So, let’s try something else. If you’ve got 120 million dollars burning a hole in your pocket, are the undisputed something weight boxing champ of the world, already have a Bugatti, hang out with Ellen DeGeneres’s little sister, Bieber, and need someone or something else to beat up on other than the mother of your two children, what do you do?

Start an MMA promotion company with the guy who could never beat you, but now has the largest boxing promotion company in the world, Oscar De La Hoya. Or as I like to call him, the most articulate ass-kicker on the planet.

Yeah, that’s right, The Golden Boy and Money are in talks about sparking up some friendly competition with our old friend, Dana White and the UFC, you may have heard of it. Would a rival promotion company work? I don’t think so.

Last time I checked, WEC, probably the most legitimate promotion to date, with fighters like Urijah Faber, Cowboy Cerrone, and Ben Henderson, was purchased by the UFC. Everyone else; StrikeForce, Bellator, and every other podunk fight promotion has fallen short of the glory that is UFC.

Here’s why. The UFC has cemented itself into MMA history as the biggest and best fight promotion in the universe. Yes, there is MMA on Mars, just in case you were wondering. It’s more like Mortal Kombat though, and the chicks are way hotter, and topless.

Most people who don’t follow fighting religiously believe wholeheartedly that the UFC is in fact, MMA. That’s a strong, strong grip to have. It’s a GI JOE Kung-fu grip. watchaaa.

Can the two boy wonders make some noise without drowning themselves in a Golden Boy shower? Of course, they have pay-per-view and Showtime in their back pocket, plus decades of connections, money, popularity, and someone with one of the biggest mouths outside of a five-star xxx film.

Unfortunately, the UFC has that, and everything else. The fighters, the brand, the show, the loyalty, the fans…Oh the fans. And don’t forget that surly Joe Rogan character. One of the best foul-mouthed announcers in the game.

The UFC is a machine, well-oiled, and run by a zen master in Dana White. A brilliant business man who has crushed any other promotion that has even come close to barking up the proverbial Zuffa tree.

Will it happen? who the hell knows, but I needed something to write about, and you needed something to read. At a minimum, you only wasted an extra 5 minutes, or 10 minutes if your IQ is much lower than mine. And, you discovered there’s life on Mars. What a fabulous day you’re having.