Ferrari Carbon Fiber Chess Set

Ferrari Carbon Fiber Chess Set

October 6, 2014 0 By Rodney Burrell

ferrari chess set (2)After a long day of driving your Ferrari, you often need to do something to unwind. Christina Hendricks is out-of-town for the weekend and you need something to occupy your time.

You don’t want to hang out with Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, or Justin Timberlake, they’re always talking about sports or music…You can’t stop JT from singing along to Jimmy Fallon songs, all Jeter talks about is Re2pect, and Jordan keeps trying to get you to wear a hoop earring.

Life is Hard. You need a release.

Perhaps a chess game will calm your ruffled nerves. But just no chess set will do, you need a carbon fiber chess set by Ferrari. You can’t risk being laughed at by Kate Upton next time she visits. Kate Upton likes carbon fiber.

So, you whip out your board, the wood playing pieces are wrapped in carbon fiber. They’re some of the most beautiful chess pieces you’ve ever seen. You want to lick them, but can’t, you have house guests.

Prince and the New Power Generation decided to swing by to make some pancakes. It’s all good, Prince loves pancakes…and chess.

So, you sit down for a game with Purple Rain, but he’s staring at you from across the table. You can’t help but to feel a little weird about the whole thing. “Why is Prince staring at me like that?” You try your best to look past it, but can’t. Prince makes everyone feel giggly. Completely void of focus, he sweeps in and puts you into a sweet checkmate.

Game over, Prince wins. He serves you a pancake, and leaves. The Ferrari Chess Set…You’ll meet Prince and he’ll make you pancakes.