Fallingwater: A Mancation with a Little Sophistication

October 23, 2012 1 By Rodney Burrell

The Money Shot

Has Wal-Mart killed off your hopes that the human race is somehow progressing? Well, you’re in luck.

Listed on the Smithsonian’s list of ” The top 28 place  to visit before you die”, Fallingwater is an absolute architectural marvel, designed by famed architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

The historic landmark is located in Laurel Highlands, about an hour from Pittsburgh, and was named the “best all-time work of American architecture” by members of the American Institute of Architects.

The house was built in 1936 for Edgar Kaufmann, founder of Kaufmann’s, a Pittsburgh-based department store. General Admission for a regular tour is 20.00 per person, but depending on your pocketbook and willingness to impress your date, a sunset tour is available for 110.00 per person, and a brunch tour for 115.00 ( The extra five dollars is for the hot dogs and cole slaw).

If you’ve recently mentioned weight, another woman, or expressed an interest in attending a strip club for a harmless bachelor party to your girlfriend or wife, there’s the Focus Tour. For a tidy $1000.00, you can have a private extended tour led by the senior members of the staff. There’s also an executive prepared lunch, you can check out the “money shot” taken by photographers for decades, and apparently you can take interior pictures.

There’s also self-guided grounds tours and children’s tours.