Esther Hanuka

November 24, 2012 0 By Rodney Burrell

Esther Hanuka, model and mother of five children, has appeared in multiple tattoo publications, and other mags like Low-Rider and DUB. And now we welcome her to the KDM Family.

Hanuka has also appeared in music videos for Ice Cube, Genuine, and Master P. Hanuka has a very positive outlook on life and lives everyday like it was her last. She’s been through divorce, single parenthood and everything in between.

She’s a soldier, but more importantly, a good mother that hasn’t lost what’s most important in her life, family.

The fact that she actually has some sense of social responsibility and moral compass makes her even hotter.

In today’s society where  it’s  more acceptable to party than to parent, Hanuka keeps very grounded in an ungrounded and flaky industry. Hats off to Queen Esther.