Fix Your Computer Dumb with Kano

Fix Your Computer Dumb with Kano

October 29, 2014 0 By Enzo Knight

KanoNo, not the Mortal Kombat character – we’re talking about a computer coding set intended for people who want to learn something else besides Facebook and Twitter, “ages six to 81”.

The idea for Kano came up in November 2013, and was immediately kindled on Kickstarter where it gathered $1.5 million in no more than 30 days from its initial crowd-funding launch.

Now you and your friends can program your own computer via the fictional worlds of Pong and Minecraft, and learn something about the machines you’re using every day throughout the joyful times we imagine you’ll have.

What is Kano and how can I see it in action? – If you happen to be that lazy and don’t want to google the project, here’s a hint: it is a shiny and colorful block-shaped hardware which can also run some software (mostly games) on itself.

All started when the son of co-founder Saul Klein got an ‘eureka’ moment (and is 6 years old by the way) and decided it’s time to stop messing around daddy’s computer and start a separate venture – thus the concept of Kano came to be.

One year after the Kickstarter campaign funded successfully, Kano is readying to deliver 18.000 pre-ordered sets to whoever pre-ordered them.

And to save you from trouble, HERE is a link. Thank us later!