Cocktail Recipe: Pittsburgh Boilermaker

Cocktail Recipe: Pittsburgh Boilermaker

October 29, 2012 0 By Enzo Knight

We’re not talking about Local 154. The Boilermaker is a classic workingman’s cocktail that consists of a shot of whiskey dropped bomb-style into a pint of beer. According to The Joy of Mixology: The Consummate Guide to the Bartender’s Craft, the Boilermaker traces its origins to Pittsburgh where steelworkers downed the drink after a hard day’s work in the steel mill. A shot of whiskey in a glass of beer – what is more Pittsburgh than that?

Try this variation of the Boilermaker cocktail that is as authentically Pittsburgh as French fries in salad and not using your turn signal.

Pittsburgh Boilermaker

1 Pint, INDUSTRY Copper Ale
1 shot, Wigle White Rye Whiskey

        1. Fill pint glass with INDUSTRY Copper Ale.
        2. Pour 1 shot of Wigle White Rye Whiskey
        3. Drop shot into beer.
        4. Down the hatch.

You might be thinking “Pittsburgh Boilermaker? Why not Iron City?” Well, Iron City is not made in Pittsburgh anymore. INDUSTRY Copper Ale is brewed by Full Pint Brewing Company in North Versailles exclusively for Industry Public House, which is located on Butler Street in Lawrenceville just a few blocks away from the shuttered Pittsburgh Brewing Company plant that once produced Iron City beer.

Industry Public House has an impressive selection of craft beers on tap, including local brews by Full Pint and East End Brewing Company. In addition to beer, IPH is among a handful of Pittsburgh bars to offer Arsenal Cider on tap, which is brewed in Lawrenceville.

Wigle Whiskey is distilled on Smallman Street in the Strip District. Wigle takes its name from Philip Wigle, a western Pennsylvania distiller, whose 1794 clash with a whiskey tax collector led in part to the Whiskey Rebellion. Wigle Whiskey makes several varieties of whiskey and gin, which are available at the distillery as well as at select Pittsburgh establishments.