Tractor Trailer Jumps F1 Car [Video]

To celebrate the partnership between EMC and Lotus F1, the brilliant minds at the two mega companies decided to do something that could kill a few people. In this pretty epic video, the Lotus race trailer and F1 car take off on the track, only for the truck to launch off of a ramp and sky over the intersecting racecar.

The impact of the trailer after it lands is what you would expect from 83 feet of metal smashing on the ground. Awesome sauce.

MotoPed is The Answer Lackluster Fitness

Motoped Black Ops 1Have you been having a hard time getting motivated to get off the couch and go do something active? Has everyone been telling you that cheese curls are not a dairy product? Do you sweat when you think and buckle at the knees when you walk to the refrigerator? Well then we’ve got the perfect innovation for lazy physical fitness, the motorized pedal bike.

Not only does the MotoPed assist you with a 50cc dirt bike engine it can also go some 500 miles without ever stopping to refuel. You could conceivable become the most athletic fake fitness champions on the planet. I’m assuming after you finish your journey, you’ll most likely get a book deal and a new girlfriend…Probably Kate Upton, she likes fitness champions.

After you cement you legendary status into the annuls of the gods amongst men, you’ll head back to your new mansion. Fitness champions get mansions.

And then begin your next achievement, challenging Lance Armstrong to a race. Champion level, Expert.

You’re only 2,500 away from your dream life. Check it out here

The Trion Nemisis

The horsepower wars continue with the promise of a warp speed land-rocket by way of Trion Motors, as they make outlandish promises to create a 2000hp Twin-Turbo Charged V8 engine that can reach 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. Round out the composite body, 8-speed sequential transmission, and a top speed of 270 mph and you have a futuristic wet dream of epic proportions.

Will the car ever make it to the road? Who knows, it could be a sophisticated case of vaporware, or just a bunch of nerds in a basement trying to live out their Batman dreams, but we’ll soon see; the Nemesis is supposed to hit the production line in the 2016.