Edita Vilkeviciute is an Attractive Woman with The World’s Hardest Name To Spell. NSFW

International supermodel Edita Vilkeviciute is a native of Lithuania that was discovered when she was 16. Now 27, Vilkeviciute has become a modeling powerhouse that has worked with Victoria’s Secret, Louis Vuitton, and countless others. Vilkeviciute is ranked as one of the top earning models in the world, raking in an estimated net worth of 2.7 million dollars.

Models Playing Basketball In Their Underwear Will Be The Best Minute of Your Life

Fitness Model Tamra Dae, and Dash Dolls star, Melody Rae had a friendly game of basketball. But wait, they decided to play in their underwear. Courtesy of Live Rich Media and Smile Pillows, you’re about to experience the best 60-seconds of your piddly life.

But that’s not even the best part…In a surprising turn of events, both woman actually have some game. Rae (Tall Blonde) actually played college ball, and has quite the crossover and jump shot. Dae, (The non tall un blonde) seems to handle the rock better than Kobe these days.

Nevertheless, we’re all thrilled at this blessed turn of events. Enjoy.

Myla Dalbesio Promotes Beauty, Feminism, and Glorious Boobs. [NSFW]

Focus. Don’t let the huge nude boobs distract you from the marvel that is international modeling sensation, Myla Dalbesio. Ok, maybe let them distract you a little.

*Pause for commercial break, cue Jeopardy music… And, we’re back.*

Dalbesio, while quickly rising up list for most gorgeous creatures on the planet, offers a breath of fresh air into the soulless vacuum of narcissism that we call modeling. And while we can tolerate the lecherous undertones, the personalities behind the beauty (in most cases) don’t offer much past their love of traveling and a disturbing need to own dogs under 10lbs.

Dalbesio breaks the mold in a big way.

An accomplished writer and artist, she was initially signed by Ford Models to their plus-sized division. She’s since shed the “Plus-Size” moniker, and now floats somewhere in middle of fashion sizing purgatory.

Dalbesio was hired for Calvin Klein’s “Perfectly Fit” underwear campaign, and has graced the cover of Lady Magazine and Tush Magazine. Other features include: Elle India, Elle Italia,Oyster, Purple, Viva Moda, Dazed & Confused, Twin, Lui, and Bon.

In addition to her promising modeling exploits, Dalbesio’s writing and art has taken off into its own stratosphere of self-exploration and intrigue. Her column on Elle.com called “Girl-on-Girl”, focuses on various aspects of modeling, and female empowerment by way of self-confidence and exploration.

She has also published two books, “Born Rich” published in 2013, and “Studies of Ecstasy,” published in 2015.

In the art realm, Dalbesio is a performance artist, photographer, sculptor, and digital artist. Her website highlights a wide array of mediums, and most recently she showcased a performance art exhibition at the Chelsea Art Walk called “Young Money”. The exhibition involved a topless and very tanned Dalbesio dressing up like up stripper, and drenching herself in champagne while writhing around a stack of dollar bills, seemingly incoherent to her surroundings.

However erotic, the exhibit was a powerful representation of our current social state and the trappings of fame.

For more information on Myla Delbesio, visit her Instagram or Website.