Hot Nurse Gives Free Testicle Exams on The Street [Video]

So, this happened on the internet. In an effort to promote awareness for testicular cancer, a hot young malady in a more hot nurses outfit offered to give men free testicle examinations. At first, guys were a little hesitant, but then they realized, there’s an attractive woman willing to look for change in their coin purse, and they started pouring in. The stunt raised money for Movember, an organization promoting men’s health.

Just a side note, guys like having their balls touched.

Cooking with Coolio

coolio-cookbook-300x250Coolio, rapper extraordinaire is about to take you on a fantasy voyage through the gangsta’s paradise of culinary excellence with his new cookbook.

Not only can Coolio tear up the sound waves, he can bring some ghetto-fabulous flavor to your dull suburban kitchen.

This ain’t no Emeril Lagasse or Rachel Ray, Coolio is about to lay down five bars of pain in your sink. He’s about to bitch-slap your chicken, ribs, and veggies.

Little known fact, Gordon Ramsey learned about hell from Coolio.

In chapters like”How to become a kitchen pimp” Coolio goes through the various steps to running a prostitution ring out of your kitchen using only salt and flour.

Kidding…You need milk, too.

Although, if I were to run a pimp ring out of my kitchen, I would want Coolio on my side, and probably Ice-T, and Ice Cube. Any rapper’s names associated with beef tips, or shrimp? Get at me guys, I’m trying to get paid.


A Practical Guide To Racism

practical-guide-to-racism-book-300x250Wordsmith and all around fictional genius, C.H. Dalton pens his next book, A Practical Guide To Racism.

The book equally covers all races and why we should pretty much hate everyone, because everyone sucks that’s a different race.

From the privileged life that blacks lead as successful rhyme smiths and professional athletes, to the uncanny phenomenon that we call women, and how they’re incapable of doing anything but cooking, cleaning, and having babies.

They do smell like flowers though.

It’s a tour de force of cultural bigotry, something every professional sterotyper should read before they head out to their next racial profiling session.

Learn to pick out Jews, Arabs, and Asians. Everyone is fair game for the consummate racist. You’ll never have to be ill prepared for a golden opportunity to discriminate. Get your copy today.