Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker

September 26, 2014 0 By Rodney Burrell

Brooklyn Decker  has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated, and the pages of Victoria’s Secret, Cosmo, and various other publications over the years. Little did she know her career could get even better, as we feature her in KDM.

We’re excepting things to really “open up” for her after this article runs.

So where does one breed all of this greatness? Ohio.

Hmm. The land of cows, corn, and Cleveland Browns produced a Victoria’s Secret model? Well, there ya go Ohio, something to finally be proud of.

Oh yeah, Drew Carey.

Thankfully, Decker is a Carolina Panthers fan, being that she moved to the Carolinas as a kid. She was discovered in a North Carolina mall as a teenie bopper, and it’s been history ever since.

Although many recognize her for modeling, Decker is no one trick pony. She’s taken a crack at acting, and played Samantha Shane in the movie “Battleship”.

Decker was also in the USA show “Royal Pains” and  “Chuck”, probably one of our top 3 series of all-time.

These days Decker seems to be taking things a bit slower than her previous years of worldwide globetrotting in her undies. She married tennis star, Andy Roddick, and has been focusing most of her time two little ones, charity work, and Twitter, of course.