Brazen Boxing and MMA Launches Sports Agency

Brazen Boxing and MMA Launches Sports Agency

October 7, 2013 1 By Rodney Burrell

401654_284262298298631_1186328640_nBrazen Boxing and MMA, a gym based out of Philadelphia, has launched a sports agency to deal with overwhelming demand for a straight-laced firm that truly puts the fighter’s interest in mind. From the amateurs to the pros, The Brazen Sports Agency offers a hands-on, intimate experience that not many fighters will ever have the chance to experience.

Behind the Brazen Sports Agency is Jessica Richman, CEO/Lead Agent, and Jason Sargus, COO/President. The two bring an uncanny mix of legal expertise, fight experience, and overall knowledge not typical of any sports agency.

You think Drew Rosenhaus ever took a snap? Nope, he was an agent at 22. Richman, who graduated Magna Cum Laude [Smart], serves as the contract negotiator. But wait, she’s not quite done yet. Richman is also a boxer, coach, and undefeated MMA fighter. Impressed yet? Well that’s not even her day job. She’s a lawyer. So, when you mention a well-rounded advocate for athletes, she’s at the top of the class… literally and figuratively.

The other component of Brazen is Jason Sargus, Champ. Mentor. Matchmaker. He’s in the history books as the only athlete to compete in MMA with a synthetic cervical disc, an absolutely amazing feat. Anyone with back or neck issues can collectively give Sargus a high-five. He wrestled D1 for WVU, is a three-time champ of the world’s largest grappling and submission tournaments, Grappler’s Quest, coached high school wrestling, ran operations for MMA gyms, and trained with top-level camps like Extreme Couture.

Needless to say, the fight game is in Sargus’s blood. It’s not what he does, it’s what he is. For fighters, that’s great, but for opponents, not so great. The Brazen Agency represents fighters with a collective record of 17-2.

It’s a one-stop shop. Get trained, represented, and win.

With all of the components, and a serious lack in career professionalism in this industry, the Brazen Sports Agency seemed like a slam dunk.

“We saw a void in the system for protecting martial arts athletes, and one we could fill exceptionally well with our insider’s insight into the fight game and our expertise in contract review, research, and negotiation,” said Richman.

The Brazen Sports Agency is off to a great start, and they have a great roster of extremely well-coached and talented athletes that they’re working with on a daily basis, in all aspects of life. Of course it’s great for someone like me to write an article gleaming about an intricate fighting system like Brazen, but nothing speaks louder than winning. And that’s what they do. Proof yields belief, and belief yields acceptance.