Batmobile Tumbler iPhone Case

Batmobile Tumbler iPhone Case

January 9, 2014 0 By Rodney Burrell

You recently came to the realization that you’re neither a billionaire philanthropist or skilled in any type of fighting or self-defense.

Your attempts at crime fighting don’t go past your living room reenactments of “Training Day”.

And while the neighbors may be under the impression that you’re the next Steven Seagal, you know truth. You’re a Swedish Fish enthusiast with extremely nerdish undertones.

But wait, we’ve got a solution. The Batmobile Tumbler iPhone Case.

The world will rejoice and see your true colors with the coolest, most intimidating iPhone case this side of Wayne Manor.

The $55.00 case is a small price to pay for superhero royalty, but you’re gonna have to work for it.

The Tumbler case is only available in China, and the website, well it’s in Chinese, so if you can manage to purchase and get it shipped within three months, you’re not only worthy of international super genius status, you just might have what it takes to be a superhero.

Wait, no you don’t.