Batman Vehicles Roll into Pittsburgh

November 16, 2012 0 By Rodney Burrell

Ever dream of piloting one of the vehicles from Batman? Well keep dreaming, because that’s not gonna happen. However, if you’re more interested in politely gawking and  taking pictures, we might haves something fun for you to do this weekend. Batman, perhaps the ultimate possessor of man toys in the world, is putting his badass line up of vehicles on display in front of Heinz Field this Saturday Nov. 17, from 12-7 and Sunday Nov. 18, from 4-9 pm. The upcoming DVD release of  “The Dark Knight Rises” on December 4th is what prompted the promotion.

The display will include:

1966 Batmobile, ala Adam West, the original Dark Knight.

1989 and 1992 Batmobile from Michael Keaton’s “Batman” and “Batman Returns”.

1995 car driven by Val Kilmer in “Batman Forever”. Sorry Val, I just can’t get “The Saint” out of my head.

1997 vehicle from George Clooney’s “Batman & Robin”

And the grand finale: Two Tumblers and a Bat-Pod all from Christian Bale’s adaptation of “Batman Begins”, “The Dark Knight”, and “The Dark Night Rises”, circa 2005-2012.