B. White and The 58’s Release New Single

B. White and The 58’s Release New Single

January 8, 2013 4 By Rodney Burrell

bwhite Knuckle dragger magazineOn tap is a brand new single from the uber-talented rapper, B.White. “Feel it in the Air” is a heartfelt freestyle that strikes a nerve. White touches on his struggles in the music business, drugs, loyalty, violence and the sacrifices to become an artist. In a repeated theme throughout, he says “I let my pen give you everything”, profoundly stating that he’s laying it on the line for the listeners; love it or hate it, he won’t compromise his story.

“I watch it crumble right in front of me, I’m trying to find out what this game really wants from me.”

For small business owners, people trying to lose weight or someone  just trying to make it through a rough time, you can relate to the lyrics in some way shape or form. Unfortunately,  rap gets a bad stigma because they talk about weed, or say fuck every once in a while, but it’s no different from any other artist expressing their talent in a meaningful way.

“Trying to stay out of the news caption, how many jobs I quit just to pursue rapping”

How many of us have made sacrifices to follow a dream, made the leap so we can pursue our passion? Amongst the followers and dreamers, there are doers. Some like it, and most don’t. It’s a hard road to travel with a lot of hurt feelings and sleepless nights. It’s not easy to decide to move on and leave the people who are not supportive of your growth…

“I see in their eyes that don’t like my success. When we was kids it was fine, but that’s funny to me though cause I do more for you but your choice is to stay behind…bitch and not be loyal.You hand  feed ’em they get spoiled. I’m in sleep praying for em with my knees in the soil, they don’t see my turmoil.”

To me, rap is one of the purest and most talented forms of expression. It’s raw and pulls no punches. I challenge everyone to take a listen to B.White’s new single with an open mind. I understand some of you only listen to country or bieber, but  step outside of the box and try something new that I know you’ll like. And even if you don’t, you’ll appreciate the art form that much more.