February 25, 2014 0 By Rodney Burrell

arena4“Arena”, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Kellan Lutz takes movie goers down a dark road that makes Fight Club look like a night-time tea party with TED.

The story takes a depressing turn when David Lord (Kellan Lutz) and his wife, Lori (Nina Dobrev) are ambushed in a violent car accident that kills her…Fast forward 6 months, and Lord is on self-destructive path that lands him in a bar, wasted beyond all recognition, missing his dearly departed, but yet being seduced by a beautiful temptress named Milla, (Katia Winter).

As with any guy with brain, and man parts, when a beautiful woman hits on you…you run to the nearest place with dim lighting, stat.

Unfortunately, this inherent weakness for the opposite sex prevents us from foreseeing danger. And Lord’s future was being drugged by said beautiful women and whisked away to an undisclosed location, only to be thrown into a life or death blood match run by serial entrepreneur and resident sadist, sociopath and all around sinner, Logan. (Samuel L. Jackson)

Lord, who is not too hip on the idea of fighting for his life, doesn’t take too well to Logan’s demands, but soon finds something worth fighting for, when Logan offers Lord his freedom in exchange for winning a certain number of fights. The carnage continues, and it all comes down to the end. Needless to say, there are some significant curve balls that you’ll need to file away during the climactic finish, but rest assured, “Arena” will leave you entertained. If you’re a guy.

Arena is not an Oscar winner,  great movie candidate, or epic saga. It’s just a kick-ass flick with a good amount of blood and guts to boot. It has an interesting enough plot and good enough acting to keep you planted in front of the TV for an hour or so, and there’s a decent amount of nudity, which no one will ever complain about. It has the remnants of Death Race, with a touch of “Gamer”.

It’s not a must watch, but you should check it out next time you’re surfing NetFlix and need a little mantastic gratification.

I probably shouldn’t close with that last sentence. Watch Arena. The end.