Are You Getting the Sex that You Need?

Are You Getting the Sex that You Need?

May 1, 2013 0 By Leanne Clute

sex_addictionAs a man, you pride yourself in making every sexual encounter with your partner a good one. You take the time and put in the effort to make sure that she is able to climax and feel satisfied.

You even accept the fact that sometimes sex is better than others. But what if your sexual needs are not being met? Women require more work to become aroused and climax, and far too many are using it as an excuse to leave men hanging.

Chalk it up to the modern woman’s desire to put herself first, but we think enough is enough. So how do you talk to your girlfriend about getting the sex that you need without bruising her ego? We’ve got some tips for a successful sex-talk.

Timing is Everything

The last thing that you would want to hear immediately after sex is how you need to improve; the same goes for women. There is no harm in keeping a mental note about what areas she can improve on in the sex department providing the conversation is carefully planned. Details such as loosening her jaw when she’s going down on you can be critiqued during the act with no repercussions. For the more serious pointers, save it for talk over dinner sans the television. This creates a neutral ground where you can both talk openly, without distraction, about what really turns you on.

Bait the Conversation

There is nothing a woman loves more than the opportunity to judge someone else without any backlash. Luckily for you, this creates the perfect opportunity to express the bedroom habits you’d like to change. Open the conversation by asking what she feels that you could do differently in the sack. If she seems cautious, assure her that you want your sex life to thrive and that requires communication. If she seems to be having trouble getting the words out then you can chime in with a small detail you would like changed. Try to be gentle with the criticism to start with. The conversation will flow once the ice is broken and you may learn a thing or two about your partner’s sexual preferences.

Address Her Concerns

Part of talking about enhancing your sex life means that you will face criticism as well. Getting defensive will be your natural instinct but you should suppress that particular desire. Instead, talk with her about her concerns. Sex is emotional for women and what she views as a lack of intimacy on your part could have very little to do with the sex and more to do with her need to feel loved by you.

Talking about sex is no longer taboo. Dive into the conversation about your sexual needs today for greater sex tomorrow (or tonight).