After The Dust Settles, Terrell is Scary Good.

After The Dust Settles, Terrell is Scary Good.

October 23, 2013 0 By Rodney Burrell

Anthony TerrellIf in fact, everyone was kung fu fighting, Anthony “Animal” Terrell’s kicks were fast as lighting. And for his opponent, Pedro Velasco, it was a little bit frightening. At least for the 23 seconds he  was conscious.

Yep, Terrell dispatched Velasco with a head kick in the first round before the ring girl could start warming up her seat. He made Lyoto Machida, Mirko Crocop, and GSP proud.

Terrell is by far one of the top prospects in this area and continues to mangle his opponents with relative ease. He reminds me of the glory days of Iron Mike, walking out with the hoodie; focused and ready.

Take a wild guess as to what gym he trains out of? You guessed it, Brazen Boxing and MMA in Philadelphia.

Let’s get this straight before all of you whiners start saying that I’m favoring Brazen and their fighters. I’m not partisan to any gym. The 35% of our readers that know what partisan is, you may continue. Whoever produces top guys, that’s who I write poetic stories about conquering foes in ubiquitous fashion. Brazen does it more than anyone I see in this neck of the woods, so they have my attention. I stick with who’s on top, and make fun of people on the bottom. It’s the American way. Or at least my way.

Back to Terrell. He’s got UFC or Bellator written all over him. His training regiment coupled with his natural instincts in the ring make him a sure shot for the big show. And he and the team at Brazen deserve it. I’ll tell you another reason Brazen sticks out in my mind of infinite wisdom. They’re victims of their own success, and an inbred MMA scene in Philly. They get no local coverage or love because the other podunk gyms don’t want anyone to win but them. Thankfully a media outlet with a larger footprint than the corner store notices that they’re a gym to be recognized.

Kudos to The Animal, Brazen, and a special thanks to the whiners. You make my job so much more enjoyable.